Travel Medicine

Travelling can take a significant toll on the body, leaving it susceptible to a wide variety of potential illnesses. It’s important to seek out travel health advice and the relevant vaccines prior to travelling, to make sure you don’t catch an unwanted bug while abroad.

Please be aware that the length of your appointment may vary depending on your destination and number of vaccinations to be administered.

Travel Medicine services include:

Travel Advice

Our doctors can give you all the advice you need before travelling overseas, to avoid coming back with a nasty illness. It’s important to get the right advice before travelling, because it’s not always just about getting the right vaccinations. We recommend that prior to making an appointment, you complete the form below, so that your doctor can be fully informed of your destination/s and dates to ensure that you receive the right vaccinations.

Your health experts can provide up to date information on current health warnings in certain parts of the world. This may mean taking extra precautions, or in some cases, rethinking your travel plans. We can also give you an idea of what to do before your trip and upon your return home.

The other piece of information you may need relates to carrying medicines overseas. We’ll let you know what you should take with you, especially if you have existing conditions that need to be managed. However, in certain countries you may experience issues at border control, so we’ll give you the information you need to be safe while travelling.

Post-Travel Health

Sometimes when you return from overseas, you may feel fine when you arrive but experience symptoms of illness later. If that’s the case, we urge you to make an appointment with our health specialists straight away. Even if your symptoms are mild, they could indicate you’ve picked up an illness while overseas.

To be safe, come and see us if you experience any symptoms within 2 weeks of arriving home. All you need to do is let us know where you’ve been travelling, and we’ll provide you with the appropriate care.

Travel vaccinations with vaccine available on site

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A can cause damage to your liver. It’s particularly common in developing countries and travellers should always be vaccinated before travelling.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also a viral infection of the liver, and can cause long term issues like liver cancer. Vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself, especially if travelling to areas where Hepatitis B is common.

Combined Hepatitis A/B

If you haven’t been vaccinated for Hepatitis A or B, you can get a combined vaccination. Ask your doctor if this combination is suitable for you.


So, if you’re travelling to a high-risk area, speak to us well before you travel to ensure your vaccinations are up to date.

Flu Vaccine

The Flu vaccinations immunises against strains of influenza.

Combined whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus

Vaccination for all three diseases in one. This should always be considered before travel.


Meningococcal is a serious disease, most commonly caused by types A, B, C, W and Y. Vaccinations are available for all types, as there is no vaccine that covers all of them.

Japanese encephalitis

JE is generally transferred through mosquito bites in certain regions, during certain periods. Let us know your travel plans, and we’ll determine if this is required.


Rabies can be exposed to rabies through animal scratches or bites, and vaccination should always be considered when travelling. Contact us at least a month before travel for rabies vaccinations.

We are able to put in special orders for most vaccines, including paediatric travel vaccines. Please speak to your doctor or practice nurse.

Please note that Stirling Central Health Clinic does not offer vaccinations for Yellow Fever.


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