Doctors and staff at Stirling Central Health Clinic are encouraging patients who have not had their 5th Booster for COVID-19 as yet to book into the clinics now! Click here for a Pfizer Booster and here for a Moderna Booster now!

This is because the latest statistics show that only 38.1% of people in Australia over the age of 65 years have had a COVID-19 booster. This percentage decreases in younger age groups too.

The virus remains prevalent in our society evidenced by the fact that in the week commencing 23rd May 2023, there were an average of 5,884 people diagnosed in Australia each day.

Specifically, people with co-morbidities and older people are encouraged to book in for a booster. Consideration is also advised for adolescents aged 5-17 with complex health needs and significant risk factors.

Additionally, the Department of Health has stated that 45.9% of people over 65 years across Australia have not had a flu vaccine.

Being up-to-date with your vaccinations is important as we start the winter season.