COVID-19 Vaccinations

Stirling Central Health Clinic is now offering the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible patients who fit the following criteria.

Phase 1b priority population groups include:

    • people 70 years of age or older;
    • health care workers;
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults over 55 years;
    • younger people with an underlying medical condition, including people with a disability; and
    • critical and high – risk workers, including Australian Government officials about to be deployed overseas on official government business.

At the same time, those people from Phase 1a who have not been vaccinated as yet, can also receive a vaccine. These population groups are:

  • quarantine and border workers;
  • frontline health care workers;
  • aged care and disability residents; and
  • aged care and disability staff.

To check when you will be eligible for vaccination use the eligibility calculator click here:

Booking Your Appointment

COVID-19 vaccinations are voluntary and free. Please phone the Clinic on 8370 9777 for bookings and further information.

Preparing for your vaccination

While you wait for your appointment, there are some things you can do now to get ready.

When you have an appointment for a vaccination, please complete the Patient Consent Form

Please bring the Consent Form with you to the appointment. Your second appointment will be booked after your first vaccination.

For further information on the Vaccine, click here

Please do not come to your vaccination appointment:

  • if you are feeling unwell with fever, cough, runny nose or other symptoms that could be from COVID-19
  • if you are waiting for COVID-19 test results, or have tested positive for COVID-19
  • if you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, or
  • if you are in quarantine.

If you have had another vaccine, for example the influenza vaccination, in the 14 days before your COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Please let us know as we may need to reschedule your appointment.

After your vaccination

As with any vaccine, you may have some side effects after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. For further information, click here

For general advice about the vaccination click here