Patient Survey

Throughout September and October 2019, you may have been one of the 187 people who completed a Patient Survey when you visited our Practice to see one of the doctors. We thank you very much for your anonymous feedback.

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The survey was conducted by an independent company based in Queensland and our Practice was benchmarked based on feedback given by 861,375 patients and 5,316 other General Practices across Australia.

Our Practice rated in or above the highest 25% mean scores for questions related to:

  • Satisfaction with consultation
  • Warmth of greeting
  • Ability to listen
  • Explanations
  • Reassurance
  • Confidence in ability
  • Able to express concerns/fears
  • Respect shown to patient
  • Time for visit
  • Consideration of personal situation
  • Concern for patient
  • Recommendation
  • Information on staying healthy
  • Respect of right to second opinion
  • Overall satisfaction with the practice

Our Practice rated in in the middle 50% mean scores for questions related to:

  • Making an appointment
  • Telephone access to a doctor/nurse
  • Obtaining a home/other visit
  • After hours service
  • Seeing a doctor/nurse of choice
  • Consultation and waiting area comfort
  • Availability of privacy
  • Waiting time in surgery
  • Treatment by staff
  • Opportunity to make complaints

In terms of how our Practice can improve, the suggestions that were offered mainly revolved around improving the waiting room. These will be considered by our staff in the New Year.

If you would like further information, please contact John McQue, our Office Manager on  (08) 8370 9777.